The Electric Skillet Buying Guide – What Everyone Needs to know

The Electric Skillet Buying Guide

An electric skillet is quite a versatile piece of kitchen equipment. Aside from using it for frying, you can also use it to make various dishes like pancakes and deep frying. Whether for yourself or your family, an electric skillet boils down to your personal needs and lifestyle.

An electric skillet consists of a heating element that can conduct heat evenly to make sure that the food gets cooked evenly. Finding a good electric skillet can sometimes be quite a challenge, with the wide variety of products available on the market. One thing most people love about skillets is that they make cooking easy. They’re not just for frying but can be used for a multitude of things.

Electric skillets are often a wonderful alternative to their traditional counterparts. While electric skillets have the same basic design, due to the different kinds of features available in the market, people use them for all sorts of purposes.

However, once you determine what your needs and restrictions are, you should be able to make the right choice. Read our buying guide to select the best electric skillet for your kitchen.

Electric Skillet Buying Guide

What is an Electric Skillet?

Electric Skillet is a Cooking device that runs on electricity as the name suggests. In other words, we can say that an electric skillet is like a frying pan that cooks food with electric heat energy.

Skillet is a deep electric frying pan that allows you to cook everything you want. You can fry, bake pancakes, cook the meal, and a lot more. With the help of an electric frying pan, you can cook healthy electric skillet recipes like fried chicken, cornbread, skillet meatballs, skillet corn, and electric skillet brownies.

There are different sizes of skillets, a small electric skillet is the better option for a single person who needs to cook in offices or in hostels. Large skillets in different sizes and designs are available depending on the requirements of every kitchen.

Why use an Electric Skillet?

Skillet is one of the best kitchen gadgets that can meet your all needs in cooking. Electric skillet grills are available in different sizes according to the demands of customers. The larger the size, the more food you can cook in them.

The best electric skillet is one that meets your all needs for cooking, frying, heating, and a lot more. There are a lot of benefits of using an electric skillet. Through this kitchen gadget, you can save space in the kitchen and time. Using an electric frying pan, you need to put all ingredients at one time and start cooking. You can get delicious food while cooking in an electric skillet.

Some people only have access to electricity, and electric frypans are the best cooking gadget for those people.

Electric Skillet is easy to clean due to its nonstick interior, it occupies little space and you can clean it easily. In short, the electric skillet is the best investment you are going to invest in. 

Why use an electric skillet

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Skillet

Cooking with an electric skillet can be more fun than almost any other cooking method, especially when you have a number of recipes to try out. To help you take full advantage of this uniquely versatile kitchen appliance, here are some general guidelines on how to choose the best electric skillet for your needs.


The first and most important thing to remember is the size of the electric skillet. If you are single or a family of two or three-person, then definitely the small size 8 to 12 inches electric skillet can meet all your needs. If you have a large family, then you must buy a skillet of a large size of 12 to 16 inches to fulfill the needs of all members.


Before buying an electric frying pan, you should check the prices of different brands having quality products. Your aim should be to get a good quality skillet at a fair price, for this, you should search for different skillets and their reviews to make a reasonable decision.


You also need to know where you will keep your electric skillet in your kitchen. The storage space required for your desired skillet and how will you manage it?


Mostly there come two types of lids with an electric skillet, stainless steel, and glass. Stainless steel keeps the food warm for a longer time and with a glass lid, you can keep an eye on the food while cooking. So you have to decide about the lid before purchasing the electric griddle.


Skillets come with two types of handles, single handles, and two-sided handles. The handles make it easy to lift the skillet while cooking or empty the skillet. For the smaller skillet, a one-sided handle is also suitable because small skillets could be handled easily.

Nonstick Interior of Electric pan

The nonstick interior of the skillet makes it easy for you to cook the food without sticking. The nonstick surface helps to clean the skillet easily and you can mix ingredients easily while cooking. But the food might stick to the sticky interior and it will be hard to clean. We recommend you buy the skillet having a nonstick interior.

Height Measures of skillet

The more the height, the more food you can store and cook in the electric skillet. If you need an electric frying pan for a large family, then a large skillet having high side measures will be best for your family. The high sides will make it able to cook food easily and fulfill your all needs.

Temperature Control

The electric skillets come in two types according to heat control. Some are automatic in providing the heat but some have a controllable temperature. The electric skillet having temperature control is a better option, because sometimes you need low heat for cooking.

Lid Having Steam Release Holes

When you cook the food, the moisture with heat starts creating pressure in the electric skillet due to its lid. When the pressure becomes high then it can break the lid and can damage you. The lid having small holes is the best option to release heat when the pressure builds up. This will keep you safe and secure all the time.

Dishwasher Safe or Not

You have to decide whether you need an electric skillet that is dishwasher-safe or not. You can wash the skillet with your hands easily but if you want to buy a dishwasher-safe electric griddle then go for it.

How to Clean Electric Skillet?

Electric skillet comes in different sizes and shapes, some are dishwasher safe and some are not. You can clean your skillets in the dishwasher easily in a short time. If your skillet is not dishwasher safe or if you don’t have a dishwasher then you don’t worry about this.

Cleaning the electric frying pans is not a big deal if you get to know how to wash them properly. The non-Teflon electric skillet is slightly different from normal frying pans in the cleaning method because of the electric appliances connected to the skillet.

 If you have a nonstick electric skillet then it will take less time to wash it, but if it is not nonstick then you can also wash it with proper care.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean an electric skillet in the best way.

Equipment Needed for Cleaning Electric Skillet

  • Dish Soap
  • Soft Towel Cloth
  • Soft Scrubber
  • Clean Water
  • Nylon Scrapper

First of all, you must remember to empty the Presto electric skillet after cooking.  Presto provides the best amazon electric skillet that works longer with you. Don’t store the cooked food in the skillet because the cooked food might stick to the electric skillet and it will be hard for you to clean.

1. Unplug from the Power Source

Here the question arises, Are electric skillets safe? Before cleaning the skillet, must remember to unplug it from electricity. Safety is necessary for the cleaning process because electricity and water together are very dangerous to live. Separate the wire from the electric griddle and then it is ready to clean.

2. Clean the Residue of Food

The cooked food might have been left in the skillet, so first remove that residue from the electric skillet with a soft sponge or towel cloth. Electric skillet with removable pan is easy to clean, and never use a metal sponge or any hard item in the cleaning of an electric skillet because metals can destroy the nonstick surface of the skillet.

3. Clean the Interior of the Electric Skillet

Take slightly warm water, add dish soap or dishwashing liquid in the warm water. Add the mixture into the skillet and gently remove stains and residue food with a soft cloth or soft sponge. Due to the mixture of warm water and dish soap, the food and oily surface will get clean easily.

4. Clean the Exterior of the Electric Skillet

Now take a sponge dipped in soapy water and gently rub the exterior of the electric frying pan. Try to rub twice because the grease might have stuck to the exterior of the electric pan. Do some people ask about how to clean the bottom of an electric skillet? Its answer is simple, just as you clean the outer and inner side of the pan, its bottom has the same procedure to wash.

5. Rinse the Exterior and Interior with Water

After rubbing and removing the grease, now rinse the skillet from the interior and exterior side with clean water. The warm water will remove all food particles and grease from the electric pan. Too much hot water can damage the electric frying pan, so try to avoid too much hot water.

6. Clean the Lid and Connector of the Skillet

Almost every electric griddle consists of a lid, it can become oily during frying. The lid is very easy to clean. Take warm soapy water and rub the lid with a soft cloth or soft scrubber. The lid will look new after washing.

Sometimes the grease sticks to the connector, so take warm soapy water and rub the connecter with a soft scraper to remove the grease. Make sure the water does not enter into the connector because of its electric usage.

7. Dry the Electric Skillet and the Lid

It is important to keep dry your skillet and the lid on. Take a dry cloth or towel and dry you’re the interior and exterior parts of the skillet with that cloth. After that keep the skillet and lid upside down so that the electric pan can become completely dry.

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Key Points to Remember While Using an Electric Skillet

The electric skillet is great for frying, baking, cooking, sautéing, and heating cooked food. There are some important points to remember while using an electric skillet.

  • First, plug in the electric griddle and fix its temperature before cooking.
  • Avoid moving the electric pan if there is hot oil or hot water in it.
  • Clean and wash the electric skillet after every use.
  • Before cleaning makes sure the electric frying pan is cool down.
  • Dry the skillet and lid after washing.
  • Always use a soft cloth or soft scrubber to clean the skillet.
  • Use nylon or wooden utensils to wipe off its interior surface.
  • Avoid touching the hot surface area of the electric skillet while cooking.
  • Disconnect the skillet from the power source after cooking.
  • Avoid the electric connector from getting in touch with water.

Watch the video to know more about electric skillets

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Skillet

How do you clean the bottom of an electric skillet?

Take warm water, and add some dish soap to the water to make a mixture. Take a towel cloth or soft scrubber, dip the scrubber in a mixture and rub the bottom of an electric skillet. Rub it softly and gently so that its coating does not affect it. Rinse the skillet and let the skillet dry.

Can you put an electric skillet in the dishwasher?

Not every skillet but nowadays maximum electric frying pans are dishwasher safe and you can wash them in the dishwasher. Unplug the skillet from the power source. To get better results of the cleaning, try to remove grease and food residue from the skillet with warm water. Now the skillet is ready to put in the dishwasher. After washing dry your skillet and the lid.

Which Cooks Faster, Electric Skillet or a regular Stove or Oven?

Yes, the electric skillet has the ability to cook food faster than a regular stove or oven. In an electric frying pan, you have to put ingredients in the pan and start from the power source, your food will get cooked in a short time.

Are Electric Skillets best for Frying Chicken?

Yes, the electric skillet is best for frying, they are deep enough for frying and easy to use.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important considerations when buying an electric skillet is how you plan to use it. In other words, make sure to state your needs upfront so that you don’t end up with something you can’t use. Furthermore, many people look for features like a warranty, an ample number of heat settings, cooking capacity (if applicable), and ease-of-use among others when buying a unit for their home. With this in mind, what you really need will really depend on your personal preferences and/or requirements. Make sure that its features are what you need so they are justified by the money you have to spend. If it has too many fancy functions, then make sure you can actually take advantage of them.

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