10 Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans – Reviews 2021

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans

There is a great concern from Health and Medical Associations about the health problems related to Nonstick pans. According to them, high-quality nonstick pans are made of PFOA, PTFE, and PFAS free coatings. If you are looking for the best PFOA, PTFE, and PFAS free non-stick frying pans then this article will help you.

Eco-Friendly non-stick pans do not contain any types of harmful chemicals. Nonstick cookware that is free of Teflon, PFOA, and PTFE is preferred over Teflon due to the health risks associated with these chemicals.

Let’s talk about the best PFOA and PFAS free nonstick pans which are considered as one of the safest and healthy ways to cook. These non-stick pans can be used for various purposes such as for eggs, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, etc. Also, these pans are used for baking or frying.

Here we are providing you the best nonstick pans that are free from PFOA, PTFE & PFAS chemicals. By using these nonstick pans you won’t cause any stress to your body and nature. These non-stick coating pans are useful in preserving healthy cooking habits.

Here Is the Quick Overview of our top 3 Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non-Stick Pans. If you are in a hurry, you can buy off from these healthy non-stick pans.

Best Overall 

Best Healthy 

Beat Budget 

GreenPan Paris Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Pan Set

 Best PFOA and PFAS free Non Stick Pans – Top 10 Reviews

The main concern in the market of non-stick pans is if they’re made with Teflon or not. Today only a few brands are safe to use for cooking and their manufacturing process is also good for our health. So, here I have reviewed the 10 best healthy non stick pans which are popular in the market.

1. All-Clad  Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pan 

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
All-Clad Stainless Steel 5-Ply Bonded Nonstick Pan 

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What we Like
  • 5-Ply Bonded Construction
  • 3 Layers of Nonstick Coating
  • Compatible For all Cooktops
Take Note
  • Expensive

This All-Clad  STAINLESS Brushed fry pan is ideal for searing, browning, and pan-frying everything from eggs to meats. The All-Clad frying pan is great for cooking at higher heat with oils to develop foods with full rich flavour, colour, and crisp texture.

This frying pan heats slowly and evenly, its base is flat and wide, the food turns easily in this pan. According to Best Cookwares Home, this pan is an absolute choice for your kitchen, you can fry eggs, meat, heat cooked food, cook everything that you like.

Its 5 ply bonded construction increases its strength that does not warp and provide even heat throughout the whole of a frying pan. Its 3 layered nonstick coatings are best for easy food release, free from PFOA, and very easy to clean.

This 12 inches All Clad frying pan is the best option, it is oven safe to 500 degrees F, dishwasher safe, induction compatible.

2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Skillet 

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
Cuisinart Nonstick Hard-Anodized  Skillet

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What we Like
  • Most Attractive design
  • Hard-Anodized Construction
  • Glass Cover for Monitoring of Food
Take Note
  • Not Induction Ready

The hard anodized construction of Cuisinart  12 inches skillet is harder than stainless steel. It is denser,  nonporous, and durable for your kitchen. This pan has great selling on amazon because of its great performance and variety of good reviews about this pan. Its Sloped slides increase the cooking surface of the pan, which has 3-quart space for cooking.

For most food, such as vegetable, poultry, and eggs, the pan does not stick if you put enough oil in the pan. For seafood such as salmon (not the skin), it does stick, but the stuck residuals can be easily cleaned by deglazing them with water.

This PFOA free frying pan is made of solid stainless steel which stays cool on the stovetop. Its Glass lid makes it easy for you to monitor food while cooking, it will be better to save heat and flavor while cooking. This non stick pans is Oven safe to 500 F

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3. Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

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What we Like
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Used
  • Induction Compatible
Take Note
  • Avoid excess Preheating

The Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri reigns with its ability to deliver non-stick perfection. Its stone-derived coating from Germany is 100% free of APEO, GenX fluorinated chemicals, PFBS, PFOS, PFOA, and the lesser-known chemicals NMP and NEP. It is a healthy pan, you can buy this pan without hesitation.

This is most durable and highly scratch-resistant than a normal nonstick pan. Its nonstick surface is so good, easy to clean, and easy food releasing. It is oven safe to 446F and handles are heat resistant that are hardened with 3 rivets for great strength.

4. Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillet with Helper Handle

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet

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What We Like
  • Convenient, double-riveted helper handle

  • Even heat distribution

  • Dishwasher safe

Take Note
  • A little bit Lightweight

Rachael Ray 14 inch frying pan has a convenient holding grip with a helper handle made of silicone opposite to the main handle of the pan. It is easy to move this pan filled with food from stove to table or oven or any other place.  Rachael Ray is producing Teflon free cookware sets that have different attractive colours that bring an eye-catching appearance to your kitchen.

Its hard-anodized aluminium construction along with nonstick interior make this frying pan more durable and long-lasting. A Nonstick surface is better for easy food release and easy cleanup.

This family-size frying pan heats up quickly, the food can get cooks early while saving energy and time. This Pan is dishwasher safe and Oven safe to 350°F.

5. GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan Set

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan

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What we Like
  • Soft Grip and stay cool Handles

  • Thick, Durable Forged Base

  • Made from Recycled Aluminum

Take Note
  • Not Induction compatible

This GreenLife Soft Grip frying pan is constructed from recycled aluminium to reduce unwanted waste. GreenLife is famous for its clean and healthy cookware that is eco-friendly and produces healthy cookware for you.

Keep the temperature low or medium while cooking, and use wood or nylon utensils for this frying pan to avoid scratches. Its ceramic nonstick coating is derived from sand that is free from PFAS, PFOA, Lead and Cadmium. The pan will not release Toxic Fumes even if is overheated and the pan is easy to clean.

This pan is most suited for gas and electric stovetops, its wobble-free base is good to increase its strength and also for even heating. This pan is Dishwasher safe and Oven safe to 350 °F.

6. Tramontina Professional Fry Pans 

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
Tramontina Professional Fry Pans

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What we Like
  • Commercial-Grade Heavy-Gauge Aluminum
  • Riveted handle with removable Soft Grip
  • Oven safe to 400 F
Take Note
  • Reviews say not perfect for Dishwasher

Heavy-gauge aluminium provides even heat to the pan, its nonstick coating releases cooked food easily.

This Tramontina fry pan has riveted handles, its soft-grip silicone sleeve can be removed if damaged and you can change a new soft grip for the handle. It’s been great for searing chicken, steak, pork, and also for making omelets or simply frying some potatoes.

You will get 2 pieces 10 inches frying pans at an affordable price, we consider this the pfoa and ptfe free pan. This pan can be cleaned easily with a little detergent, even it is dishwasher safe, but try to clean it with your hands. Let the pan cool down after that you can wash it.  The pans are oven safe to 400 Degrees F and free from PFOA and pfas.

7. MICHELANGELO Nonstick Copper Frying Pan 

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
MICHELANGELO Nonstick Copper Frying Pan

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What we Like
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Compatible with all Cooktops
  • Glass lid and Stainless Steel Handle.
Take Note
  • The lid is not Oven Safe

Michelangelo Kitchenware Originated in Haan, Germany in 1931, Michelangelo Kitchenware was one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, specialized in high-end cutlery products. In recent three decades, Michelangelo has constantly developed new products to expand its portfolio and grown into a renowned brand with quality kitchenware for hotels and gastronomy in Germany.

This nonstick small frying pan with a lid has a construction with premium quality aluminium alloy for quick and even heating. This pan is warp-resistant, with no chipping, no flipping and a 3 layered nonstick coating make this pan durable enough. The food does not stick and releases easily. Its tempered glass lid allows you to keep an eye on food while cooking without losing heat and moisture.

This 10 inches copper colour frying pan is suitable for all type of cooktops. It is made from ceramic and titanium nonstick coating, is scratch-resistant, and is nontoxic, free from PFOA and PFAS, Oven safe to 450 degrees F.

8. TECHEF – CeraTerra Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan 

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
TECHEF – CeraTerra Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan 

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What we Like
  • Stylish design
  • Nontoxic Fine Ceramic Coating
  • Oven and Dishwasher safe
Take Note
  • NOT suitable for an induction stove.

CeraTerra Collection delivers outstanding performance and exceptional quality while providing safety for healthy cooking with ceramic non-stick coating.

In its Construction, heavy-gauge aluminium base is used along with stainless steel heavy base. You will get a pan with a stay-cool stainless steel handle along with an easy grip.

It is comfortable in holding and handling while cooking. This healthy ceramic pan has good heat conductivity, and is oven safe to 450 degrees F but try to keep the temperature below 400 degrees F.

Handwash is the better option for this pan for long life. This pan is so easy to clean just use a piece of towel and clean it and you will get a good result.

9. GreenPan Paris Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
GreenPan Paris Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

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What we like
  • Healthiest Cooking
  • No Toxic Fumes Ever
Take Note
  • Not Compatible with Induction

As the inventors of healthy ceramic nonstick cookware, GreenPan is the trusted go-to for non-toxic, easy to clean, and easy to use pots and pans. Free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, Their cookware is free of harmful fumes at any temperature. Their Innovative technology brings safe and healthy cooking to your home.

Its high-quality ceramic coating is safe, metal utensil safe, and is reinforced with minerals. There is no doubt about its strength and durability, its hard-anodized increases its strength, life, and resistance from scratches. Its V-Shaped handle is better for minimal heat transfer and is oven safe to 600 degrees F.

10. Ecolution Evolve Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans
Ecolution Evolve Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

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What we Like
  • Attractive design and colour

  • Nontoxic

Take Note
  • Silicone Handle Grip can’t Bear High Heat

  • Not Induction compatible

Evolve non-stick cookware features exclusive Hydrolon, a water-based non-stick coating that is ideal for braising, frying, sautéing, and searing. Highly durable, Hydrolon offers a durable, smooth surface for great food release and easy cleanup

The Ecolution line of cookware offers a full range of kitchen tools. All Ecolution products are quality made and come in packaging consisting of 70% recycled material. This set allows you the versatility to make dozens of different meals. Whether you are making macaroni and cheese or a four course meal, meat, fish, vegetables, you will have everything you need.

This PFOA free cookware is free from harmful chemicals, it’s better for your kitchen and environment. This is also a healthy cooking option, the food slides onto the plate after cooking, and is easy to clean.

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How to Choose the Best PFOA and PFAS Free Non stick Pans 

It is important to use only the best quality Non Stick Cookware as a low-quality cookware might harm you and make your life stressful. Here you will find some tips which will help you to choose the best PFOA and PFAS free non-stick frying pans.

Some Important Things to Consider about PFOA and PFAS Free Nonstick Pans:

Non-Stick Coating

The pans should be made of a ceramic or stone coating or free from all toxins. These coatings are long-lasting, provide better heat distribution, have a smooth surface, and are easy to clean also they do not contain any harmful chemicals.


It should be large enough to fit all your favorite food items This will make cooking easier and faster. Also, when you are going to purchase a frying pan then always see the size of it. Choose the one that is appropriate for you.

Heat Conductivity

The pans should have the ability to distribute heat evenly across their surface and cook food quickly. This will result in saving your time and energy while doing kitchen-related work.


Choose the one that is within your budget. Don’t forget, good quality things are not always expensive and cheap things may be harmful to you.

Ease of Cleaning

You should buy a non-stick frying pan that is easy to clean and maintain. This will make sure that the cleaning process becomes easier for you as well as for other family members.


It should be made only from safe materials and eco-friendly coating. This will prevent any harmful chemicals to leak into your food items while cooking.


Always make sure that you are buying an efficient non-stick frying pan so that it lasts long. These pans should last for at least 3 to 5 years or more than this.

You can know more about PFOA and PTFE free cookware in this video.

How to take care of PFOA and PTFE free Non stick Pans

There are different types of cookware and have different types of instructions for their care. But we have provided the best universal care instructions for pots and pans to extend the life of your non-stick pans and pots. This includes:

Washing method

We recommend you wash your cookware by hand, even if your cookware is dishwasher safe. With hands, its cleanliness results in a soft way and is also better than a dishwasher.

Utensils for cooking

As many brands say their cookware is scratch-resistant but when you use metal utensils it can remove the upper layer of pans. So we recommend you to use wooden or silicone utensils for frying, in this way your cookware will main its shine and will last for long period.


when you clean your best non stick pan, you should avoid steel wool scrubber on non-stick coated pans even if they are stainless steel. Because you can wash your pans easily through a drop of dish soap or liquid along with a soft scrubber.


While cooking your food you should keep the temperature normal because high temperature can release the upper layer and it can be harmful and also it can damage the cookware. Your food at high temperatures does not cook properly at high temperatures because it will cook quickly from the exterior side but it can remain uncooked from the inside.

What Are Safest Cookware Materials?

As with many things these days, several brands are offering a wide variety of best cooking material for health. If you are looking to invest in some healthy cookware for your kitchen, you must know what the essential materials are and which ones to avoid.

Cookware is considered a kitchen appliance that is used to either prepare food or heat it to be served in a hot condition. Cookwares should not just be seen as heating tools but also should serve us in many ways. You must know the terminology you can use in the kitchen, whether cooking in it or cleaning it. Some terms are to do with tools while some are materials

1.Ceramic is one of the most commonly used materials found on the market today. It is a great conductor of heat and has durability which makes it an ideal cookware material to use. Ceramic coated non-stick pans are widely used in home kitchen.

Ceramic is teflon free and is a non-reactive material, meaning that it will not release chemicals or toxins into food when it is used to cook. It is also a slick surface which means that it cannot be scratched which gives it excellent durability.

2.Aluminium This is the most commonly used cookware material on the market right now. It is affordable and an excellent conductor of heat. Aluminium cookware can face dents easily because of its thickness. The most common side effect of using aluminium vessels is Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a lightweight metal that is used in cookware as well as in most of the beverage cans you see. The aluminum cookware is light and easy to stack. Aluminum has high thermal conductivity (it’s cheap), so it’s good for quicker heating and quicker cooling, but it’s also a good conductor of heat, which can damage your food.

3.Stainless steel is regarded as the safest material to use for cookware. It is a preferred material and very durable. Stainless steel is easy to clean, resilient, and corrosion-free. We recommend stainless steel as it exceeds expectations in almost every sense of the term.

Stainless steel is considered to be the safest cookware material since there is practically no change in shape or form, and best of all, it’s durable. It can be used at extreme temperatures. Cookware that is made of stainless steel is generally considered safe. However, it is important to check the composition of the cookware to ensure that it does not leach nickel and other harmful metals when cooking acidic foods.

4.Cast Iron is extremely durable and lasts for many years. It’s great for searing meats because it develops a nonstick surface with use. It’s an ideal material for skillets, but avoid using it for baking. But the downside is that it doesn’t work well with acidic foods. And the size and weight could also be an issue.

5.Glass is the most popular, best non toxic cookware and probably the healthiest. It is very easy to clean and does not react with foods when it is used on high heat. This cookware material can be very expensive, but it is safe and has non stick pans without pfas.

6.Titanium is one of the safer nonstick surfaces available for cookware. Titanium pots and pans are not much different from other types of cookware in terms of food preparation. They can be quite convenient for cooking eggs — you don’t have to wait to turn them over when you want them soft.

Titanium is a non-reactive material, meaning it will not react with foods. This can make it a good choice for cooking surfaces that may come in contact with food.

7.Stoneware is a sturdy, durable material that is mostly used for baking. Stoneware is ideal for baking bread, cakes, pizzas, and PFOA free cookware because it does not react with acids in foods.

It does require frequent seasoning to maintain its non-stick properties. Stoneware is composed of different types of clays that contain glazing agents that are safe if ingested. Some stoneware is composed of less stable materials such as ceramic or glass and can leach ceramic compounds into food which can be dangerous if ingested in large amounts over a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is non-stick cookware harmful to health?

The nonstick coating applied to most cookware is an added health benefit. It prevents bacteria from growing on a surface and it provides an attractive surface that looks clean even after hours of use

Teflon cookware is nonstick and environmentally friendly. However, after repeated handling and high temperatures, the material starts to degrade. The chemicals used in the Teflon coating can degrade and chemical bonding with dinnerware and other cookware materials may become weakened as a result of repeated heating and cooling.

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Is stainless steel cookware toxic?

Stainless steel is used extensively in cookware. It is easy to clean, nonstick, and has excellent heat retention. Therefore, it is a great material for simmered foods that will not yield to intense heat. In general, stainless steel cookware is safe to use and does not contain lead.

There are some stainless steel cookware companies that provide stainless steel that is dishwasher safe as well. However, it is important to know that deeply scratched and pitted pans can cause metals (nickel and chromium) to migrate into food in trace amounts

Which is better cast iron or ceramic?

If you want the best for your health, you have to choose a quality pan. Cast iron is ideal as it retains heat well. It is also easy to cook in as it does not require as much oil. However, there are advantages to using frying pans made from ceramic material as they are less likely to pick up toxins from the food or even have bacteria growing on them which can be an issue with cast iron.

Should I throw out my Teflon pans?

Teflon pans are an alternative to stainless steel and aluminum. With proper care, they can last five to ten years on a flexible surface like a cutting board or countertop. Use them at home for preparing meals for family or guests while avoiding the common problems with nonstick surfaces: scratching, oxidation, and small cracks that can lead to moisture damage or contamination.

The truth is that Teflon is a great material for pans, but it tends to break down in high heat or with metal utensils. In fact, if you have your older style pans, throw out that steel wool and replace it with a wooden spoon to keep the pans in shape.

Final Thought of pfoa and pfas Free Non Stick Pans

As you already know, PFOA, PTFE, and Cadmium free cookware are better for safe and healthy cooking.  Every person should use only those cooking items that are safe for their health, for their kids. In the above healthy non stick pan reviews, Editors spent a lot of hours finding these best nontoxic pans. All of the above pfoa and pfas free non stick pans are our independent selection to provide you with the pans with different categories and features, you can buy from these to make your life better.

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