The 10 Best Car Camping Cookware Sets – Best Deals

Best Car Camping Cookware
Best Car Camping Cookware

Camping in a car creates a unique experience. It’s the best way to get out there and enjoy the good old outdoor organic environment without any problem. To make your car camping journey a real success, you need the right camping cooking gear.

You don’t have to mess kit with a gas stove, propane, or charcoal grill. All you need is to choose the right camping cookware set for your journey away from the modern comforts of everyday life.

Car camping is great for beginners because it’s the easiest way to get started. You can find a campsite pretty much anywhere and you don’t need to carry as much gear as you would if you were walking to your spot. Most car campers rely on their car for transportation and shelter, so what could be easier than bringing everything you need right with you?

Having the right camping pots and pans with you can contribute to a more enjoyable outdoor experience. When you are choosing your car camping cookware set make sure that it is lightweight, compact, easy to clean and easy to transport.

Openfire camping cookware doesn’t have to be complicated and it definitely doesn’t have to cost a lot. There’s a wide variety of options out there that can help you cook anything from french fries for one to steak for two.

This article will review some of the best car camping cookware to be found. These will help you get prepared for your trip. So here we’ll run through everything you need to know about the right cookware for car camping so you go home with the best experience.

Here is the overview of our top 3 picks of cookware for car camping needs. If You are in a hurry, you can select one of those according to your requirements.

Best Nesting Car Camping Cookware

Best Performance Car Camping Cookware

Best Value Car Camping Cookware

Magma Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set,

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware 

Stanley Even Heat Pro Camping Cookware Set

Best Car Camping Cookware – Top 10 Picks

Here is the overview of the best car camping cookware that is suitable for preparing simple meals or when you don’t have a main point of power for your cooker.

1. Magma Products, Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware 

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MAGMA is the choice of professional chefs, home cooks, and car campers. This Non-Stick cookware offers everything you need for camping or cusine in your home.

The set is proudly made with 18/10 stainless steel which has a magnetic base to hold it securely. The glass lids allow you to see what’s going on inside the oven and stovetop.

The non-stick surface is PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS free, resulting in a healthier cooking environment. Its ceramic non-stick coating is scratch resistant to up to 500 degrees F that also helps for easy release and clean up. Also with a scratch-resistant exterior and non-stick ceramic interior, your meals will only get better every time.

This unique pot shape is ideal for car camping because car campers can easily manage this while camp cooking. It’s perfect for any cooktop or open fire, and less bulky than traditional cast iron.

This stainless steel camping cookware works great for backpackers also because the nested style of the pots saves space, and can be tucked away in your backpack. But this set is heavy in weight, that’s why for car camping this is perfect to use. The pans have a durable non-stick baking finish, which means you can cook without adding extra fat or oil.

This nonstick cookware is equipped with a ceramic nonstick material that is space friendly, non-staining, no odor, and non toxic. It is easy to clean up. Its ten-piece nesting design will save space when storing this cookware set.

The pans are still lots of fun from beautifully designed handles that attach and detach for easy storage. It features comfortable ergonomic handles with instant thumb release, for easy replacement between pots and pans.

This set includes

  • Three Sauce Pans (1-1/2 qt., 2 qt., and 3 qt.)
  • Lid that fits all three saucepans,
  • 5 qt. Stock Pot,
  • 9-1/2 inch diameter Saute/ Fry Pan
  • lid for the Stock Pot and Saute/ Fry Pan
  • 2 removable handles
  • and a convenient Bungee storage cord.

2. Stanley Even Heat Camp Pro Cookset – Best Value

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The Stanley Even-Heat camp pro cook set is made to last with stainless steel construction. The whole outdoor cooking sets nests together to save space whether you’re camping, hiking, backpacking or tailgating. These cooking accessories are made to withstand all the adventure.

This Camping Cookware Set by Stanley features a unique, multi-layer bottom that evenly distributes heat for delicious, consistent results every time. The lightweight frying pan offers easy-load nesting construction with a tight-fitting lid to preserve valuable heat.

This family camping cookware is Constructed with shiny stainless steel, these camping cooking pans are resistant to rusting and breaking, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This car camping cookware set makes cooking easy. A heavy-duty handle with a hole is perfect for hanging the cooking pot over the fire.

This camp kitchen kit contains everything you need for cooking over an open flame. Technically designed with induction insulation that allows your food to cook evenly without getting too hot.

This set includes

  • 4 75qt stockpot
  • 1 9qt saucepan
  • 8 5” frying pan
  • vented lids
  • collapsible cutting board
  • spatula, spoon
  • two trivets
  • and locking bungee

3. Stansport Cast Iron 6 Piece Cookware Set

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Whether you are hunkering down for the evening or having a camping trip with friends, Stansport Cast Iron Cookware is versatile enough to meet your cooking needs.

Stansport’s car camping cookware set is a must for every car camper. An essential part of any outdoor kitchen, this cookware set can be used for cooking anything from roasts to cakes, bread, biscuits as well as roasting vegetables and frying chicken.

Its cast iron handles make the pieces secure and secure on the stovetop or over an open fire. The heavy cast iron lid keeps food moist while cooking and the cast iron retains heat better preventing temperature drops between each batch.

Each piece has a nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup after use and durable high-temperature paint for durability

The hot cast iron skillet easily holds enough food for an entire family. The heavy cast iron evenly distributes heat so food cooks evenly over an open fire or on your gas range.

The set stores easily in any outdoor kitchen and is lightweight enough to carry with ease.

This set Includes

  • 10 inch Fry Pan
  • 3quart Chicken Fryer w/ Lid
  • 10 inch Dutch Oven
  • Dutch Oven Lid Lifter and
  • Cast Iron Hot Handle Holder

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4. Texsport Trailblazer Hard Anodized Camping Cookware – Best Hard Anodized

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The Trailblazer 5-piece cookware set is perfect for your next camping trip. Each pan has a folding, stay-cool insulated handle and hard-anodized construction. This versatile cookware set provides excellent heat conductivity.

The triple coat Quantum2 nonstick surface ensures your meals won’t stick and cleanup is simple. The Techsport Trailblazer cookware also features securely locking folding handles so they won’t get in your way when you’re on the road. These stay cool handles also allow you to safely transport them from your stovetop to a picnic table or a boat deck without burning your hands.

Its hard anodized surface is made by altering and hardening the structure of the pan’s surface making it abrasion resistant making it also easy to clean.

These stay cool handles also allow you to safely transport them from your stovetop to a picnic table or a boat deck without burning your hands.

This budget backpacking cook kit features a mesh carry/storage bag for convenient transport and storage.

This set includes

  • 8-1/2″ fry pan
  • 2-1/2 Qt. pot with lid
  • 3-1/2 Qt. pot with lid
  • Folds to 8.75″ x 6.25″ x 8.75″
  • Weighs less than 4 Lbs.

5. Yodo Anodized Aluminum Camping Cookware Set

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Whether you’re backpacking or car camping, This collapsible Camping Cookware Set is ideal for your outdoor cooking needs. If you’re looking for compact cookware for four or five people that you can easily transport in your backpack or in the trunk of your car.

This Yodo Backpacking Camping Cookware Mess Kit is great for both indoor and outdoor cooking. It is made of anodized aluminum for fast heat transfer saving time and fuel, and all items can be put together into a mesh package for easy transport.

The hard anodized process makes the surface harder which gives a smoother surface, keeping them corrosion-resistant. Therefore you do not need to worry about rust and deformation. Many campers love this set because everything they need to cook a meal at the campsite is in one compact mesh package.

When each pot is lifted up, the handles overlap each other perfectly to form a compact mesh package for easy transport. This feature also lets you fit more items in limited space, so it’s great for carrying your camping essentials when going out on an adventure.

This set includes

  • 1 x Small Pot (Dia.5.3″x H2.8″)
  • 1 x Medium Pot (Dia.6.5″x H3.5″)
  • 1 x Large Pot (Dia.7.5″x H4.7″)
  • 1 x Pan (Dia.7.7″ x H2.2″)
  • 5 x Bowls (Dia.4.2″)
  • 2 x Medium Plates (Dia.6.5″)
  • 1 x Large Plate (Dia.7″)
  • 1 x Soup Spoon
  • 1 x Rice Ladle
  • 1 x Loofah Sponge
  • 1 x Mesh Storage Bag

6. Lodge Combo Cooker Cast Iron Black – Best for Two


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Lodge’s Combo Cooker is designed to help you create delicious dishes for two people over an open flame under the stars. It can be used on all cooking surfaces including grills and campfires.

This is the best pan for camping stoves and features a shallow skillet that can be used on any portable propane, natural gas, or charcoal cooking source.

Ideal for camping on a car, tailgating, or backyard gatherings this cast iron combo cooker can bake, roast or fry just about anything.

With this convenient 10.25″ combo cooker, you don’t have to compromise on using your favorite cookware anywhere you go. This versatile combination integrates the comforts of home, allowing for convenient cooking just about anywhere, including campgrounds.

It is seasoned with vegetable oil before it leaves the foundry, so it is pre-seasoned and ready to use upon purchase.

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7. Bulin Camping Cookware Set Mess Kit – Best Backpacking cookware

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Bring a bit of home with you when you’re out and about with this Bulin camping cookware set. You can use these pots and pans on any open flame or camp stove such as gas, Coleman, white gas, kerosene, solar cooker. The aluminum camping mug is very unique with its high-temperature resistance and is easy to clean.

Made from high-quality hard-anodized aluminum which is non-reactive and has excellent heat conduction. These utensils are incredibly sturdy and will be through many camping trips before needing replacing. They can also be used for other activities such as hiking.

Boil water or heat up food quickly with the Bulin Camping Cookware Kit. A hiker’s essential, each of the pots and pans nest within each other for easy storage.

These pots are made of hard-anodized aluminum which allows for even heating and quick heat transfer. The handles are riveted for extra strength so you can cook with confidence. It has an ergonomic design that prevents the cookware from getting too hot, saves fuel and time.

Bulin Camping Cookware Set fits perfectly for families, groups, teams, and couples to enjoy a variety of trips.

This set includes

This cookware set including 2pcs pots with lids, 1pc frying pan, 1pc kettle, 1pc foldable ladle, 1pc spoon, 6pcs bowls, 7pcs plates, and 1pc cleaning sponge, which can satisfy 6-7 persons in outdoor use. It is recommended to use with stove B17. The stove purchase link is below.

8. Mengzice Camping Cookware Lightweight – Perfect for 3-4 people


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This portable, lightweight camping cookware set provides you everything you need to get out and enjoy meals in the great outdoors. Lightweight and foldable, this outdoor cooking set is perfect for hiking, picnic, barbecue party.

The lightweight aluminum pots and frying pan here are constructed with high-quality, food-grade material. You can cook, boil, steam, and fry foods everywhere. The frying pan has a lid so you can create your own portable stove for cooking.

The ergonomic handle pours water quickly when you are cooking at a high temperature. The folding handles on pots and frying pans can be secured and snapped tightly. These handles will not be moved or come off while outdoor cooking, which is convenient for you.

The pot and pan can be easily be assembled into a compact system for easy carry and storage

This set includes

  • Each camping cookware kit comes with a Large Pot with a lid
  • Medium Pot with lid
  • Small Pot with lid
  • Frying Pan
  • folding stainless steel fork x 2
  • spork x 2, knife x 2 and spoon x 2, 4 PP-free bowls
  • PP rice spoon, natural sponge, and Nylon Bag.

9. MSR Quick 2 System Cook Set

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From backpacking to mountain climbing, the Quick 2 System cookset is ideal for any lightweight meal in the outdoors. Its smaller non-stick coated pot can simmer sauces or prepare small portions, while the larger uncoated pot allows for boiling water or large meals.

This is a solo cookset to take on your next backpacking adventure. The compact pot fits easily into the mesh storage pouch, and the two included plates nest within the pot for easy packing. A non-stick coated pot for sauces and simmers holds 2 liters, and a larger uncoated pot boils water and preps food.

Keep sauces warm in the smaller pot while your food cooks in the larger pot over the fire. The pot and lid feature a hard-anodized construction for fast and even heating.

The nesting feature takes up less space in your pack when you are on the move.

The Deep Dish nesting Polypropylene plates are perfect for eating your food without transferring it to another plate, reducing cleanup time and making meal prep easier. While this kit is designed to go with the MSR Titan two-person tent or car camping. It can also be used by itself or with any other camp setup.

This set includes

  • 1.5L hard-anodized non-stick aluminum pot
  • 2.5L hard-anodized aluminum pot
  • strainer lid
  • 2 deep dish plates
  • 2 insulated mugs
  • pot handle

10. Lixada Camping Titanium Cookware Set – Best titanium

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Lixada Camping cookware set with pot, spork, water cup, and the windscreen is a must-have travel kit for outdoor car camping, trekking, or hiking. Made from high-quality titanium, this lightweight cookware set is easy to take along on any camping trip.

Titanium is non-reactive with food, so it won’t change the taste or quality of food while heating or storing.

The spool has a movable bar on it that can lock and hold the handle plus its handle also swivels 360 degrees. The lightweight titanium construction is safe, non-toxic, easy to clean, and long-lasting for daily use.

This is the best camping cooking gear having Lightweight titanium construction is corrosion-resistant and lasts for years providing you with flexibility when traveling or camping outdoors. With a lid to prevent heat loss, you can burn wood to cook or boil water in the pot.

This set includes

  • 750ml pot
  • 420ml cup
  • and a folding spork

Best Car Camping Cookware – Buying Guide

When shopping for car camping cookware, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Weight is very important when looking at the best product to buy. Carbon steel sets are lighter than stainless steel sets, but they are more difficult to clean. Aluminum construction is very light and easy to clean but it isn’t nearly as strong as steel.


The cost of the cookware is also extremely important and sometimes more than the weight. Also, it’s important to consider weather conditions at your campsite. If you are camping in very cold conditions, you should purchase a set made from hard-anodized aluminum alloy or cast iron because it holds heat very well.


You also need to consider how durable the product is and whether or not it’s going to last over a period of time. You should go with a trusted brand that has been around for some time and which will stand behind its products.


The capacity is basically the size of the cookware, and it’s important to consider if you are planning on cooking for a few people or just for one. The majority of camping trips include two people, but sometimes there can be more. You should look for a set that includes items that will serve multiple people.

Quality materials

Car camping cookware should be made from the best materials available. Sturdy steel that is also lightweight can be a great addition to your car camping gear, along with ergonomic handles which are very easy to grip. Pieces should have tight-fitting lids so you don’t lose any heat or moisture.

Weight: All products are rated on a 1-5 scale. One is the lightest, and five is the heaviest. This system works best for comparing like products, like aluminum products to aluminum products or stainless steel to stainless steel. There’s always something out there that will be lighter than what you want, but usually, it isn’t worth the cost.


This is when two or more pieces fit inside each other. This makes it easy to store but also makes for a bulky item if you aren’t careful packing. This simply means how the pieces pack up when you are finished using them. Often, products are designed to nest inside of each other for easy storage in your car or camper.

Lid locks

This refers to whether or not the lid will stay on when it’s packed away in your car or camper. The more secure lids are, the better. This can be a very important feature when you are hit with strong winds or if your car is driving over bumps on the road.

Handle locks

The handle locks are important for protecting your hands, especially when the pans are hot. This way, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when taking things in and out of your minivan. This can also come in useful when things get a little wobbly and you don’t want to lose your grip and drop something or hurt yourself on those days you aren’t feeling all that great.

Lid grippers

The lid grippers should be silicone so it doesn’t melt under high heat. This is important because it ensures the handle doesn’t get hot when you are cooking. This prevents injuries to your hands and fingers, which can be painful if done too often.

Handle design

The handles should be strong enough to carry the weight of the cookware but also comfortable to use for an extended period of time. They should also stay cool while you are cooking over a hot flame for a long period of time. The handle grips are also very important for safety reasons. These are designed to keep your hand from slipping off of the handles

Ease of cleaning

When it comes to car camping, you should always look for pieces that can be easily cleaned in a campsite sink or with a scrubber. The easier the pieces are to clean, the more often you will use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use aluminum pans for camping?

It is a well-known fact that aluminum cookware conducts heat extremely well. In addition to this, you will also notice that it comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which means that if you are going camping with a friend or family member, then choosing the right set should not be too difficult.

What are camping cookware made of?

If you are going camping, then chances are that you will be cooking over a fire. In this situation, aluminum is always a safe option since it heats quickly and evenly. Cast iron and stainless steel are also the best options for high heat and durability. In addition to this, it also conducts heat very well without becoming too hot to handle. Aluminum is the ideal cooking material for campers because of its durability and lightweight material.

How do you clean camping pans?

After a long day of car camping, the last thing that anyone wants to do is clean their non-stick cookware. While this can be annoying, it is very important for safety purposes because if food particles remain on the surface of the cookware, then this can cause them to become unhealthy. To avoid this, you should try to clean your camping cookware as soon as possible after using them to ensure that food particles do not stick onto the surface.

How can I prevent my pans from rusting?

After spending a considerable sum on cooking equipment for your campsite, the last thing that anyone wants is for it to rust. While there are many different ways to prevent your cookware from rusting, the most common way is through performing regular maintenance on them. To do this, you should wash them with soap and warm water after each use and dry them before placing them in their storage cases. If possible, try to store your camping pans inside of a dry area.

Is it better to cook with aluminum or stainless steel?

If you are looking for cooking material that is both lightweight and durable, then aluminum is the best cooking material to use while camping. Aluminum boats heat quickly and evenly, which means that it cooks food more quickly. However, if you do not clean your cookware properly then it can become stained or start rusting after a few uses.

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Can you use normal pans on a camping stove?

While some people like using cast iron and stainless steel for their camping cookware, the drawback is that they are heavy, but for car camping they are perfect. This means that it can be difficult to pack everything you need into your hiking backpack. In this situation, it is best to pack lightweight aluminum cookware that heats quickly and evenly. Aluminum is an ideal material for campers because of its durability and lightweight properties.

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Can you use stainless steel pans on a campfire?

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used in cookware because it does not rust, corrode or melt. This material is also non-stick which means that you do not need to use cooking oil while cooking over an open flame.  Stainless steel is also quite heavy, so if you are looking to avoid carrying extra weight then aluminum or titanium cookware will be ideal for your camping trip. If you have a car for camping, in this way steel and cast iron pans are also perfect.

Final Verdict

Having a great time does not mean, of course, you don’t need to prepare. If you are planning to take your car camping trip seriously then you will be needing some car camp cookware that can bring you ease and convenience for pretty much all the foodstuff that you have.

A good stainless steel cookware set is just perfect for your car camping gear. It can be extremely versatile and durable that will last for years to come. You can also expect the pans and pots of the cookware set to last longer than other cookware simply because you will never find yourself using it daily like what might happen at home.

The ease of cleaning, weight, strength, and many more are considered when it comes to having worthwhile camping cookware. Nesting Cooksets It is just perfect for people who enjoy the luxury of having an entire set outfitted in their campsite. You can also save up on some space and you don’t need to bring a lot of cookware with you when you will be camping.

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